How to log in to the McAfee Account?

McAfee Account is an online account made by the users while purchasing the McAfee Activate through online methods. McAfee’s account enables the users to keep the details related to the purchase of the entire McAfee Activate products at a single place. Apart from storing the details of users’ purchase, this account also stores other precious information of them including billing information (credit and debit cards), address, name, gender, and many more that might be used in the wrong way if hacked or accessed by the undesirable user.

McAfee account also stores the McAfee Activation key, so that the users may easily get their key if they have accidentally lost it. From here, the users may also manage their devices on which their McAfee Activate product has been installed. Now, the users’ concern arises in the users’ mind regarding ‘how to log in to the McAfee Account’. Here, the stepwise procedure has been mentioned in order to resolve this concern of the mcafee activate users.

Steps to log in to the McAfee Account:

Follow the stepwise procedure detailed below to make an easy log in to the users’ McAfee Account. The steps are as follows:

  1. First of all, access the official website of McAfee i.e., followed by clicking the ‘Sign in’ option displayed at the upper rightmost corner.
  2. Now, if the users have their McAfee Account then, they need to enter their login credentials i.e. email address and corresponding password within the respective fields.
  3. Else, if they don’t have their McAfee account then, they may create it b clicking the ‘Sign up’ option or ‘don’t have the account, create it’ option just below the ‘log in’ button.
  4. Once the credentials have been entered correctly, tap the ‘log in’ button.

(Note: Make sure that the credentials have been entered accurately. But if the users have forgotten their credentials then, they may go for the ‘forgot password’ option displayed besides ‘log in’ button.)

  1. Thus, the users will be successfully logged in to their McAfee Account.

If any of the aforementioned steps are creating an issue to the users’ device then, they are requested to access the official website of McAfee i.e.


Hope, this article is quite successful in assisting the users in resolving their concern i.e. ‘how to log in to the McAfee Account’. The steps have been written in an elaborated manner. Even the company does provide its free services to help their family of McAfee Activate users in resolving their issues. And if these steps are not enough in resolving the concern of its users then, they are suggested to access the support section on the official website i.e.

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